Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bone Machine - Tom Waits

So this time I didn't do the cover art, because I want to make Tom Waits not look quite as scary as he actually is. I'd rather you all see the nice side... Maybe at the end I'll post one of his scary songs... maybe... I haven't decided yet... But it's probably good idea for me to tell you right off the bat that he can be scary. I even saw a list that had 13 artists that people considered to be the creepiest singers in music, and Tom Waits was 2nd on that list... Tom Waits also played the Devil in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
Has anyone else seen that besides me?

Only 5 of the songs off of this cd are even close to being normal, and the rest of them could be considered frightening, especially songs like The Earth Died Screaming, The Ocean Doesn't Want Me, or In the Colosseum. I know I'm not the only one who likes him though. I can think of 2 other people outside of my family who listen to him...

Tom Waits is not for everyone, and even he knows it... I was watching some Youtube videos and came across a small interview between him and Letterman. I was considering not posting this since this song came from a later album, but I think the interview at the end is hilarious! "Everybody knows me at the dump!"

just earlier today I was in Chemistry, and we were told we could listen to music and the Nerd's Son's Ipod touch died, and so he pulls out a Y splitter and turns to me wondering if he can listen to whatever I'm listening to. Well, I was listening to Tom Waits, and I don't think he had ever heard anything like it, 'cause he kept making weird faces like he couldn't believe what I was listening to. I found it amusing. Then afterwards he says to me, "Was he, like... drunk or something?" Anyways, The Nerd's Son just started a blog, and it's gonna be worth following, because he is hilarious!

This is another song that I really like, and this is still one of the songs I would say is not as creepy as the others.

It was actually only recently that I started getting in to Tom Waits, but I am really liking his stuff. I know it's still gonna take me awhile to get used to all his stuff, but there are quite a few songs I really like. The easier ones to listen to are:
Who Are You
A Little Rain (For Clyde)
Black Wings
Whistle Down The Wind (For Tom Jans)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
and the other ones that are growing on me even if they are a bit creepier are
The Earth Died Screaming, and In the Colosseum.

If this is your first time hearing Tom Waits, which I think it will be for most of you, if not all of you... what do you think? Scary? not your type? bizarre? or do you think he's completely awesome? I know my first reaction was "Wow this is bizarre..." so I wouldn't be surprised if all of you thought the same thing.

I ended up not putting up one of the scary songs, but if you visit the page up at the top with the 13 creepiest singers, it has his song The Earth Died Screaming. And now I'm gonna post this, and it's gonna be my second post for the day. wow! I'm going crazy with my posts! or maybe I just have a ton of free time, and I felt like advertising The Nerd's Son's blog.


  1. He's definitely not my type :P The music is kind of morbid. I guess I can semi-understand why people might like him...

  2. I had dreams about him last night...

  3. Wow.... you had dreams about Tom Waits? What about Tom Waits?

  4. I can't remember now. :P They were creepy I think though.