Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back To Front - Lionel Richie

So what am I gonna say about Lionel Richie? My parents are huge fans of Lionel Richie. I've grown up hearing his music, so hearing this cd just takes me back to when I was younger. Lionel used to be a member of the Commodores, who were also a very successful group, and he stayed with them until his duet with Diana Ross, "Endless Love" gained him popularity and allowed him to break off and lead a successful solo career.

I know that Lionel Richie is sappy, I'm not even gonna try to deny it, but he did do well for himself and he stayed close to the top of the motown pop charts in the 80's, only being topped by Michael Jackson and Prince.

Back To Front was mostly a best of album, with only a few new releases, so most of the songs on there are mostly well known and were really popular back in their day. Before doing this post I didn't think I knew all the songs off of the album, but once I listened to it I realized I knew the words to almost all of them.

And here's a song by The Commodores that I think is well known, just so that you all know where Lionel Richie came from. This is Brick House.

Lionel Richie has been around for awhile, and reached the top of the charts with quite a few of his songs. As far as songs I would especially recommend, I really don't know. Other than the songs I already posted, I guess I would say "3 Times a Lady." "Easy" was another huge hit that almost everyone knows.

I know a few of you have already commented on the last post and now I want to hear what everyone else thinks. Have you heard of Lionel Richie before? or is this your first time? and what do you think of him?

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