Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everybody Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We? - The Cranberries

I'm gonna be honest, I haven't listened to this album all that much. I got it at one point because I knew it had Dreams and Linger on it, and I listened to it once, and then it kinda got left behind 'cause I had a whole bunch of other music to listen to at the same time. I did start listening to it more though, and this is what I have to say about it. The theme on the album is very consistent, it's mostly all about a girl who is in love with a guy, and she has to force herself to leave him and forget about him because he doesn't love her or treat her well. I think every song on there is about that same thing... You can listen to the lyrics in this song Linger, and you should see exactly what I mean.

Even though I think this cd is boring lyrically, I think the music is really beautiful. Dreams is the other one I knew from the album, and I think that's the only one that doesn't talk about her need to get out, but it's still about a guy. Because of all the other songs on the album, I don't think it has a happy ending like I used to... The music video was really interesting too....

Why was there a guy in the mud??? anyways... I hadn't seen that until I went looking for videos to put up.... I don't think she's the best live performer, so I only put up the one I liked best. I think most of you would agree with me that the live performances are not the best if you looked up more. This next one, Put Me Down, is the last song on the album, and like all the other ones it's about her leaving, but it just has such a sad and beautiful sound to it that I can't help liking it...

I was noticing on Youtube that a bunch of people thought the same thing as me about this album and how it's mostly all about the same thing. This was the Cranberries first album, and the other ones I heard are happier. I'm glad to be done with this post, 'cause now I can stop listening to the album as much as I was. I think it's been making me a little depressed, so you may want to watch out for that if you decide to listen to this music a whole bunch. The 3 songs I posted are my favorites from the album, so let me know what you think of them!  Most of you should at least already know Dreams or Linger, since they're pretty popular songs.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

1993 and some Nirvana

Now I am sorry it took me so long to post about Queen. It really was the hardest one for me to do because I know that I could talk to just about anyone and they'd know the band Queen and pretty much all those songs.

Now it's time for 1993! I'm actually excited to do this year. There's some really good stuff along with some stuff that's just so ridiculous that I had to have it... like Ace of Base.... I hope you all love some of this stuff as much as I do. Now the bands are gonna be a bit more contemporary to 1993 unlike all the ones I've done previously. The albums I had in 1992 were mostly all Greatest Hits collections, except for Tom Waits' Bone Machine.

There's something else that I want to do now. Something that I decided on since my first introduction. When I get to the post where I introduce the year, let you all know what's coming up, give updates, etc.... I'm also gonna have some of the single songs I have that I don't have the full albums to go along with them.

I thought this picture was hilarious when I saw it, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. I also have some Bush coming up in 1994, so you'll be able to see the next one down.

With this year there are only a couple Nirvana songs, so I can have videos for them both, but later I might just have to have a few videos and give mention to some of the other great songs. Mostly I try to keep albums, so there shouldn't be too many songs for most years...

I really am gonna be going all over the place as far as genres. Nirvana here, and before there was Talking Heads, Tom Waits, Lionel Richie and Queen. There really should be something for everyone showing up on this blog, or at least that's what I'm hoping for. I know not everyone likes Nirvana, my parents among them... But I like them and they're here in my library so I will post them. and for those of you wondering why there isn't more Nirvana, I just don't have the rest of this album... I do have Nevermind from 1991 though.

I really am happy to have 17 followers already. For only having done 5 posts before this, I'm impressed. I just have to catch up with my other blogger friends! So eventually I'm gonna have to do a give away or something, since that seems to get a lot of followers, but those will come later. The more people I know are following, the more likely I am to post, so send me lots of comments and share my blog with your friends!

As for 1993, the albums coming up are these.
Everybody Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We - The Cranberries
A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band - Rich Mullins
Pablo Honey - Radiohead
August and Everything After - Counting Crows
So Far So Good - Bryan Adams
The Sign - Ace of Base
So Tonight That I Might See - Mazzy Star

I would love to know which of these albums you haven't heard, so that I can cover them more in depth. I love critique also, if there's something you think I could do to make the blog better, I'd love to hear it.

I'm thinking I'll start a little game. Every time I start a new year I'll let everyone guess at what my favorite album from that year was, and I'll keep track of who gets the most right, and maybe there will be prizes or something. So send me a comment with a guess of what you think my favorite album is. This should be fun.

Queen The Greatest Hits

This is another one where I just don't even know what to say.... how do you talk about Queen and make it interesting for everyone reading? Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows about Queen.

I don't know if I've ever actually heard a Queen album other then this Greatest hits collection and the Greatest hit collection from the year before. This collection really does have all the songs of Queen that you really need, except for Bohemian Rhapsody and Under Pressure. You should all know this already, but Queen was the leading act through most of the 70's, selling more albums than any other band out there.

I love this band's music, and if their were any good videos where Freddie weren't wearing super tight pants I might have posted them... But I can't find any, so there won't be videos in this post, 'cause they're kind of gross in my opinion...

Like I was saying before, this cd has all the songs that everyone has heard, so if you just hear everything on this album you'll probably be good. I haven't heard anyone say they have a favorite Queen song that is not on this album other than Under Pressure and Bohemian Rhapsody.
Other than missing those two songs this collection is perfect.
I could just list off the songs and most people would know most of them
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
Another One Bites The Dust
Killer Queen
Somebody To Love
Fat Bottomed Girls
Bicycle Race
You're My Best Friend
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Now I'm Here
Play The Game
Seven Seas of Rhye
Body Language
Save Me
Don't Stop Me Now
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
I Want To Break Free

I would love it if every one would comment and let me know out of those 17 how many you know. Also! I'm gonna post a poll to see which is your favorite. Everyone should vote for their favorites! I want to see if there are any that come out on top or if it all evens out pretty well.

Since this is such a short post, I'll probably post the beginning post for 1993 today too. Remember that us bloggers love comments!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bone Machine - Tom Waits

So this time I didn't do the cover art, because I want to make Tom Waits not look quite as scary as he actually is. I'd rather you all see the nice side... Maybe at the end I'll post one of his scary songs... maybe... I haven't decided yet... But it's probably good idea for me to tell you right off the bat that he can be scary. I even saw a list that had 13 artists that people considered to be the creepiest singers in music, and Tom Waits was 2nd on that list... Tom Waits also played the Devil in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
Has anyone else seen that besides me?

Only 5 of the songs off of this cd are even close to being normal, and the rest of them could be considered frightening, especially songs like The Earth Died Screaming, The Ocean Doesn't Want Me, or In the Colosseum. I know I'm not the only one who likes him though. I can think of 2 other people outside of my family who listen to him...

Tom Waits is not for everyone, and even he knows it... I was watching some Youtube videos and came across a small interview between him and Letterman. I was considering not posting this since this song came from a later album, but I think the interview at the end is hilarious! "Everybody knows me at the dump!"

just earlier today I was in Chemistry, and we were told we could listen to music and the Nerd's Son's Ipod touch died, and so he pulls out a Y splitter and turns to me wondering if he can listen to whatever I'm listening to. Well, I was listening to Tom Waits, and I don't think he had ever heard anything like it, 'cause he kept making weird faces like he couldn't believe what I was listening to. I found it amusing. Then afterwards he says to me, "Was he, like... drunk or something?" Anyways, The Nerd's Son just started a blog, and it's gonna be worth following, because he is hilarious!

This is another song that I really like, and this is still one of the songs I would say is not as creepy as the others.

It was actually only recently that I started getting in to Tom Waits, but I am really liking his stuff. I know it's still gonna take me awhile to get used to all his stuff, but there are quite a few songs I really like. The easier ones to listen to are:
Who Are You
A Little Rain (For Clyde)
Black Wings
Whistle Down The Wind (For Tom Jans)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
and the other ones that are growing on me even if they are a bit creepier are
The Earth Died Screaming, and In the Colosseum.

If this is your first time hearing Tom Waits, which I think it will be for most of you, if not all of you... what do you think? Scary? not your type? bizarre? or do you think he's completely awesome? I know my first reaction was "Wow this is bizarre..." so I wouldn't be surprised if all of you thought the same thing.

I ended up not putting up one of the scary songs, but if you visit the page up at the top with the 13 creepiest singers, it has his song The Earth Died Screaming. And now I'm gonna post this, and it's gonna be my second post for the day. wow! I'm going crazy with my posts! or maybe I just have a ton of free time, and I felt like advertising The Nerd's Son's blog.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back To Front - Lionel Richie

So what am I gonna say about Lionel Richie? My parents are huge fans of Lionel Richie. I've grown up hearing his music, so hearing this cd just takes me back to when I was younger. Lionel used to be a member of the Commodores, who were also a very successful group, and he stayed with them until his duet with Diana Ross, "Endless Love" gained him popularity and allowed him to break off and lead a successful solo career.

I know that Lionel Richie is sappy, I'm not even gonna try to deny it, but he did do well for himself and he stayed close to the top of the motown pop charts in the 80's, only being topped by Michael Jackson and Prince.

Back To Front was mostly a best of album, with only a few new releases, so most of the songs on there are mostly well known and were really popular back in their day. Before doing this post I didn't think I knew all the songs off of the album, but once I listened to it I realized I knew the words to almost all of them.

And here's a song by The Commodores that I think is well known, just so that you all know where Lionel Richie came from. This is Brick House.

Lionel Richie has been around for awhile, and reached the top of the charts with quite a few of his songs. As far as songs I would especially recommend, I really don't know. Other than the songs I already posted, I guess I would say "3 Times a Lady." "Easy" was another huge hit that almost everyone knows.

I know a few of you have already commented on the last post and now I want to hear what everyone else thinks. Have you heard of Lionel Richie before? or is this your first time? and what do you think of him?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Best of The Talking Heads

I love how fun The Talking Heads are :D This band is just full of energy, and you can tell if you watch anything of them live. David Byrne is CRAZY in his live performances. I wonder just how much I should post about, since I'm sure I could scare some people away by saying I like some stuff, such as this performance, which I find hilarious! You don't have to watch the whole thing if you don't want, but you should :) My only explanation is that it was the 80's...
this is Life During Wartime.

The Talking Heads were a huge influence on many many bands. So many that I'm not even gonna try to mention them all. I will say however that Radiohead got their name from one of the songs by The Talking Heads. The Talking Heads formed in the mid 70's, and yet I still keep hearing their name pop up when I'm looking for new artists, and I still hear them on the radio mixed in with artists that are much newer.

and here is Burning Down The House, which is a bit more normal, if you can ever call the Talking Heads normal....

This cd took me awhile to get used to at first, 'cause quite honestly The Talking Heads are just plain bizarre. If you're up to it, I would HIGHLY recommend their Best of. I wish I had more of The Talking Heads, since this Best Of cd is all that I have. Once you get used to this music it is super fun to listen to and sing to at the top of your lungs, if you're the type of person to sing along with stuff. The songs I would especially recommend would be:
Psycho Killer
Take Me To The River
Once In A Lifetime
Burning Down The House
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Life During Wartime
and And She was
and I like the rest of them too, but since they're at the end of the cd I don't listen to them as often so they're not quite as familiar :P

This cd is awesome if you're up to listening to it.

Let me know what you think of them if this is your first time listening to them! and if you are already familiar with the Talking Heads, are there any other songs that desperately need to be listened to?

I'm also thinking maybe when I introduce a cd I should say what kind of people I think would like it, 'cause I know people like different kinds of music, and I know some of the stuff coming up will not be liked by a lot of people. Like I doubt I'm gonna get any of the young folk in to Lionel Richie, and I doubt I'll get any of the older folks to like Tom Waits. The Talking Heads are good for anyone though, you could be any age and still appreciate this stuff, it just depends on how weird you are.

I Haz A Blog

I just started a blog, and I wonder how many followers I can chalk up. Long ago I was told I needed a blog, and at the time I didn't want one, because I felt like no one would read it, and I still feel like no one would read it. But Nathan said to me today, "Of course people will read it, you're you." And that finally convinced me, though I'm not sure why. Maybe I just thought It would be fun to see if he were right, or if I'm really as boring as I think I am and only get a few followers.

In order for me to do something like this, I need a goal. If I were to set up a blog with no purpose, the blog would die. So I began thinking about what I could possibly write about, and I decided upon this idea that I think is super cool. And you all have to let me know what you think about it

I love music, so it has to be about music.

I'm gonna begin going through my entire music library on my computer (about 8500 songs) by the release date on the albums, and start blogging on the albums one at a time, starting at 1992. I'll be going through the albums I love and posting small "reviews" I guess you could call them, pictures, and probably a crazy amount of videos, most of which will probably be live, because I love watching bands play their music live sometimes. So I invite you all to follow, and to keep track of my blog and let me know if I miss any albums that you think were super awesome. Probably as I begin each year I'll let you know what albums I have from that year that I want to blog on, and then the posts afterwards will expand on those.

Please give me feedback as soon as possible, since I don't want to waste too much time on a blog no one is gonna read... 'cause that would be silly.

I'm hoping that by doing this I'll be able to introduce a whole bunch of people to a whole bunch of great music, and hopefully learn about a whole bunch of new stuff myself.

I don't have much for 1992, but I thought it would be a good starting spot. The albums coming up will be:
The Best of The Talking Heads
Back To Front - Lionel Richie
Bone Machine - Tom Waits
Greatest Hits - Queen

If there are more albums from 1992 that you love, send me a comment, so that I can look it up! And please remember to become a follower, or let me know you want to keep track, so that I can feel a little bit better about this project.