Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1994 and Jeff Buckley

Took a long break, but here I am, attempting to get back into the routine of blogging about stuff. The last post I did was on the 30 day challenge, but that is what got me stuck, so instead of going back to that, I'm gonna go back to just doing album reviews of all the albums I have on my computer. That was the main purpose of the blog in the first place, right? So going back and looking at where I was, it looks like I'm going into 1994, and Jeff Buckley is the first on my list with his album Grace.

Grace is one of those albums that I don't think everyone will love, but it has grown on me, and it is now one of my favorites of all time, so if you don't at least give it a good try, I will have to kick you from my blog or something along those lines. I hope to be seeing plenty of comments that are along the lines of, AHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!

So anyways, here are a few of my favorites from the album, and I hope you enjoy them too.
This is Last Goodbye

I wish everyone I knew loved this guy, 'cause I personally think he made some truly fantastic music.And if I have any other Radiohead Fans out there, here's a fun fact for you: Thom Yorke was inspired to write Fake Plastic Trees right after he came back from a Jeff Buckley concert.

Here's Hallelujah, which I think everyone will recognize, because the song is on the Shrek soundtrack.

Hallelujah was originally done by Leonard Cohen, so this isn't an original of Jeff's, but Jeff did cover it before pretty much anyone else, and if I'm not mistaken it was his cover that really popularized the song.

And the last song for the post, Lover, You Should've Come Over

Jeff Buckley is one of those musicians that I really wish could have lived longer. He had only released one album, and was getting ready to record new material when he disappeared in a river and drowned.

Hope you all love it. Next up I have The Very Best of The Eagles, unless people want me skipping Best of CDs, then I have Four by Blues Traveler, so let me know in the comments, and I will try to finish the next post as soon as possible. I *should* be able to keep up on blogging now, since I'm out of school and and have free time in the evenings, so expect these posts to be more regular than they ever were before.