Friday, November 12, 2010

The Best of The Talking Heads

I love how fun The Talking Heads are :D This band is just full of energy, and you can tell if you watch anything of them live. David Byrne is CRAZY in his live performances. I wonder just how much I should post about, since I'm sure I could scare some people away by saying I like some stuff, such as this performance, which I find hilarious! You don't have to watch the whole thing if you don't want, but you should :) My only explanation is that it was the 80's...
this is Life During Wartime.

The Talking Heads were a huge influence on many many bands. So many that I'm not even gonna try to mention them all. I will say however that Radiohead got their name from one of the songs by The Talking Heads. The Talking Heads formed in the mid 70's, and yet I still keep hearing their name pop up when I'm looking for new artists, and I still hear them on the radio mixed in with artists that are much newer.

and here is Burning Down The House, which is a bit more normal, if you can ever call the Talking Heads normal....

This cd took me awhile to get used to at first, 'cause quite honestly The Talking Heads are just plain bizarre. If you're up to it, I would HIGHLY recommend their Best of. I wish I had more of The Talking Heads, since this Best Of cd is all that I have. Once you get used to this music it is super fun to listen to and sing to at the top of your lungs, if you're the type of person to sing along with stuff. The songs I would especially recommend would be:
Psycho Killer
Take Me To The River
Once In A Lifetime
Burning Down The House
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Life During Wartime
and And She was
and I like the rest of them too, but since they're at the end of the cd I don't listen to them as often so they're not quite as familiar :P

This cd is awesome if you're up to listening to it.

Let me know what you think of them if this is your first time listening to them! and if you are already familiar with the Talking Heads, are there any other songs that desperately need to be listened to?

I'm also thinking maybe when I introduce a cd I should say what kind of people I think would like it, 'cause I know people like different kinds of music, and I know some of the stuff coming up will not be liked by a lot of people. Like I doubt I'm gonna get any of the young folk in to Lionel Richie, and I doubt I'll get any of the older folks to like Tom Waits. The Talking Heads are good for anyone though, you could be any age and still appreciate this stuff, it just depends on how weird you are.


  1. Swamp
    Stay Up Late
    Slippery People
    Girlfriend is Better
    Road to Nowhere

    I think Lionel Richie is too sappy but Shay thinks I am too hard on him. :)

  2. oh, he is definitely sappy, but I grew up listening to him because my Dad and Mom really like him, so there's lots of memories.

  3. Lionel Richie is too much sap for me too, but Eli has the memories too.

    And what was with dancing in the 80's??? :-)

  4. i think if you're gonna make this more of a professional blog(which i don't know if you are) i would leave out the smiley faces in your posts...but good job. you kept me intersted the whole way through. keep it up. :)

  5. Oh gosh, this is so ridiculous. I hope the next band isn't as weird.

  6. over 8500 songs, so there's gonna be lots of different kinds of music, Daniel :P Lionel Richie is the next one coming up, and he's sappy, and then there will be Tom Waits, and he's kinda scary. so it will probably be awhile before there's anything that you might like. A lot of it will be just as weird, and there will be more normal stuff too.

  7. Good. You know, it's always funny when you have a liking for a band, but when you finally see them live, they sometimes scare you.

    8500 songs. How many bands? This could take awhile. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

  8. 463 artists, but I'm going by album, and there are a little over a thousand albums on here. I won't be doing every album though, because I'm starting at 1992, and a lot of those say they are albums but I only have like 1 or 2 songs from them.

    I just tried getting as best an estimate I could real quickly and I'll probably be doing close to 400 albums.

  9. Ok..nice blog! But I must disagree about Lionel Richie! Maybe I'm showing my age (most likely) but I love his music!! Lionel is CLASSIC music, so much so that he has been imitated but never really copied! Many artists have copied the "Hello" song. This music survives because of the classic nature!