Friday, December 10, 2010

A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band - Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins has been a favorite of the Evans' family for as long as I can remember. I don't know whether Mom or Dad found his music, or if one of my older siblings did, but I grew up listening to him. I have tried listening to other Christian music, but I haven't liked any of them nearly as much as Rich. I really don't listen to any Christian music at all other than his anymore, because the rest of it is just boring to me. Rich Mullins' music arrangements are really cool, and he really has his own style, instead of sounding like any of the artists that were his contemporaries. His lyrics are generally really thoughtful and aren't as boring as all the popular Christian songs that just repeat "Great is your power" or "great is your mercy" or "how great is your love" over and over and over again.  There probably are other good thoughtful Christian musicians out there, but I haven't found any that I think are as good as Rich Mullins. 

The songs I love most by Rich Mullins are his stories. Most of my favorite songs of his are off of the next album of his that I have, which is Songs , but I still love this album. He saw such beauty in the world, and his music really shows that. "And if you listen to my songs I hope you hear the water falling, I hope you feel the oceans crashing on the coast of North New England."

I love the little talks he gives. From as much as I've heard him say or sing, I don't think I've heard anything that I really disagree with. As far as I can tell, his theology was sound, and he preached it in a way that I think everyone can relate to. I wish Rich Mullins were still around, I would love to have more music by him. 

I wouldn't mind listening to other Christian artists if anyone has some REALLY good suggestions. I find it really hard to like Christian music if it just sounds like any normal pop or rock group, so normally I just stick to Rich Mullins, or old Choral music. Sufjan Stevens is another one I really like.

This is the last song I'll post for Rich Mullins. It's his version of The Apostles Creed. I think the Hammered Dulcimer sounds really awesome. 

Every Sunday Dad used to turn on either Rich Mullins or Michael Card, and it would be playing the entire time we were getting ready. I don't know when he stopped doing that, but I think I'm going to start doing it again, 'cause I really do think it set a good mood for Sunday mornings.

How many of you have heard of Rich Mullins before? do you like his stuff? and are there any other Christian artists that you really like? 

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  1. well well well...let me tell you. for one it'd be jars of clay. If you really take the time to listen to all their stuff and read about them, you'll know that every cd has a different sound and they aren't like any other christian band out there right now. I have never gotten tired of any of their 12 cds. And that's not only my opinion, it's also my sisters, and Bono from U2. As Bono said once, "as a huge fan, i don't think anyone has had a bigger voice than the activists in Jars of clay."

    Second, Leeland is one of my other favorite christian bands, the lead singer is 19 and very talented. I even went to one of his concerts and i was very impressed considering they are a christian band.

    Third, Caedmon's Call is another old favorite band of ashley and I's. Their just a all around good band to listen to no matter what mood you're in and we've never gotten tired of them.

    Chris Tomlin writes alot of songs that HOFCC uses in their worship service, so i've always liked him beceause of that. I mainly listen to him when i want worship music but not overly annoying but meaningful worship music that's played alot at church.

    David Crowder Band is also very unique and interesting band. I like to listen to alot of his stuff as well cause he's voice is so different and unique.

    And then of course there's Keith Green.

    And those are my top favorite christian bands i love. don't really know if you wanted all that information, but oh well haha.

    And yes i do like Rich Mullins, alot of his music just seems a little boring to me...

  2. I love Rich Mullins too. I think he really does a good job of proclaiming the glory of God without sounding cheap or wishy washy.

    Another Christian artist I like is Phill Keaggy but Forrest hates him. :P

    The blog does look a lot better. :)

  3. Yesssss! I looove this album! I used to listen to it EVERY day as I did the morning dishes for like YEARS! =D

    I didn't know that he had Christmas music, I'll have to look that up. Thanks!

  4. I should have said the next album I have of his. Is Brother's Keeper a Christmas album? 'cause that's not the next one I have. The next one I have is Songs, and it's pretty much a best of I think. I didn't realize there was Brother's Keeper between this one and Songs.

  5. Oh, sorry. For some reason I read one of your "Christians" as "Christmas"... I don't think he does have Christmas music :P

    And I found the disc that we have and it's actually the album, "Songs". That's the one that I've listened to a whole bunch.

    Can you do a post soon about what Christmas music you like? I'm already tired of the Pandora stations that we've been listening to...

  6. good idea, I could do that right after Radiohead. I've mostly been listening to Sufjan Stevens' Christmas music this year though.

  7. I really like the songs on "World as Best as I Can Remember It"-The Howling A LOT and The River are my favorites. I used to have "Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth" which I really loved as a newer Christian at the time and trying to figure out what Christian music I could replace my secular stuff with. Unfortunately the Evangelical church at large totally ruined "Awesome God" by over using as a praise chorus.

    I love Rich Mullins. He is one of the few Christian artists that didn't sound canned (And I worked in the music dept. of Christian Supply at the time) I think that's getting a little better with artists not feeling like they can't go outside the lines and write about the hard stuff of life and be real. I like Audio Adrenaline a bit, and David Crowder and Sufjan Stevens. But when I first became a Christian I could sure relate to the lament "Why does the devil get all the good music???"

  8. I love Rich Mullins more every time I listen to him! My favorite line is "...stories like this make a boy grow strong..." but I can never remember which song it's in. His music is so *real*.

  9. I agree, Awesome God has been ruined by over use. I have Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth on here, and I know we have World as Best As I can Remember It somewhere upstairs, and I'm wondering why I don't have it on here as well. I thought I grabbed them all when I wanted to put them on my computer.

    Michael Card is another Christian artist we used to listen to a lot, but the album I would have done a post on was in 1991. I don't like Michael Card as much, but some of his stuff is really cool. He tries to put himself into the places of various Bible Characters a lot of the time and sing from their point of view. Sometimes he'll use some Hebrew or Latin, which is really cool.

    Amanda, that's from Boy Like Me/Man like You. I really like that song. "Stories like that make a boy grow bold, stories like that make a man walk straight"