Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Piano Fort

So, last night was really kinda awesome. My brother held a benefit concert in his workshop over in Sellwood, and he put together this really awesome stage (that you can see above) from pianos. As you can see, the pianos are sticking out on the front, and he got the piano up in the top left, and he made the steps up on to the stage from old piano benches and the piano keys from one of the pianos underneath the stage, so that there was a clang every time someone walked on. The shop just looked amazing and he's planning on having concerts there every month.

So last night the first act was a guy named Seth Kinzie, and then we had Lone Madrone, and then we had Marty Marquis of Blitzen Trapper, with his friend Doug Fessler on the drums.

Seth only did a couple songs, but they were pretty awesome. Seth said he was a part of a trio, and I really wanna hear the rest of their stuff now. He did a bit of his own percussion throughout the performances, either using his hand on the benches or kicking his feet against the floor to get a bit more of a scratchy sound. Here's a video of him at the Piano Fort.

Next we had Lone Madrone who did quite a few songs. Someone got all of them up on Youtube which is really awesome. One song in particular I have really been loving, and I'll post that here in a sec. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have on their cd which they're gonna be releasing soon, and I'll have to let you all know what I think when I get it. Here is that song.

And the last act to get up was Marty Marquis with his friend Doug Fessler. I had already met Marty once before, and I had seen a video on Youtube of him performing Jericho, but man, videos do not compare to being there live. He did some songs I had never heard before, and then he did Jericho towards the end. This is the only one I could find of him at the Piano Fort, and there are also some of him doing Jericho with Blitzen Trapper if you want to look for that. Here's Marty and Doug.

It was just a fantastic night. Sam and I went and created a Facebook page for the Piano Fort, so if you're reading this and think this sounds fun, go to Piano Fort on Facebook and like it, and we'll keep you up to date on when the next show will be!

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  1. Sounds like it was an awesome time and the stage looks so cool. :D

    I really like the one by Marty. Hopefully I'll be able to come to one of these sometime!